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Cell Lysates
YouSelect™ Lysates

   ABM (Applied Biological Materials Inc.)

   Origin : Canada

YouSelect™  Lysates

Ready-to-load total cellular lysates from various cell lines. Ideal negative and positive controls for Western blot analysis.

For testing new antibodies or evaluating expression profiles of novel genes by Western blot, our YouSelect? Lysate product might be a good starting point for screening. The YouSelect? Lysate product allows you to choose any 9-cell lysates from the list that we carry, in an amount that will be enough for 3 blots, all at a reasonable cost. Best of all, in the case that you need more lysates from a particular cell line after the initial Western screening, we can ship you the desired cell line free with a $145.00 shipping and handling fee only. Cells will be supplied in a T25 flask.



Cat. No. Product  Description
L005 YouSelectTM Lysates  Options to select any 9 cell lysates below; each 100ug/100ul


L006 Neuro2A Mouse neuroblastoma; 100ug/100ul
L007 NIE115 Mouse neuroblastoma; 100ug/100ul
L008 SH-Sy5y Human neuroblastoma; 100ug/100ul
L009 U87MG Human glioblastoma; 100ug/100ul
L010 TE671 Human Medulloblastoma; 100ug/100ul
L011 SHEP Human neuroblastoma; 100ug/100ul
L012 ABMC1 Human retinoblastocytes; 100ug/100ul
L013 IMR-90 Human lung fibroblasts; 100ug/100ul
L014 MRC-5 Human lung fibroblasts; 100ug/100ul
L015 WI38 Human lung fibroblasts; 100ug/100ul
L016 LLC1 Mouse Lewis lung carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L017 H441 Human lung carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L018 Calu-6 Human lung carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L019 MDA-MB-468 Human breast carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L020 MDA-MB-231 Human breast carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L021 MCF7 Human breast carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L022 SW-48 Human breast carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L023 T-47D Human breast carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L024 Hep3B Hepatocellular carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L025 HepG2 Hepatocellular carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L026 HCT115 Human colorectal carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L027 HCT116 Human colorectal carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L028 HT29 Human colorectal carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L029 MDCK Dog kidney cells; 100ug/100ul
L030 Cos1 Monkey kidney cells; 100ug/100ul
L031 BOSC23 Human kidney cells; 100ug/100ul
L032 293 Human kidney cells; 100ug/100ul
L033 293T Human kidney cells; 100ug/100ul
L034 ABMC2 Normal ovarian surface epithelial cells; 100ug/100ul
L035 A2780 Human ovarian carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L036 BG1 Human ovarian carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L037 Skov3 Human ovarian carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L038 Ovcar3 Human ovarian carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L039 Ovcar5 Human ovarian carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L040 Ovcar8 Human ovarian carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L041 Ovcar10 Human ovarian carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L042 DU145 Human prostate carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L043 HTB-81 Human prostate carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L044 PC-3 Human prostate carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L045 HeLa Human cervical carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L046 C33A Human cervical carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L047 SIHA Human cervical carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L048 USO2 Human osteosarcoma; 100ug/100ul
L049 U2OS Human osteosarcoma; 100ug/100ul
L050 HT1080 Human fibrosarcoma; 100ug/100ul
L051 T-24 Human urinary carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L052 B16 Murine melanoma; 100ug/100ul
L053 MMAN Human melanoma; 100ug/100ul
L054 MMRU Human melanoma; 100ug/100ul
L055 SK-Mel-3 Human melanoma; 100ug/100ul
L056 JEG-13 Human choriocarcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L057 WEHI-274.1 Mouse monocytes; 100ug/100ul
L058 THP1 Human monocytes; 100ug/100ul
L059 CB3 Mouse erytholeukemia; 100ug/100ul
L060 K562 Human mylogeneous leukemia; 100ug/100ul
L061 Jurkat Human T-cell leukemia; 100ug/100ul
L062 EL-4 Mouse T-cell lymphoma; 100ug/100ul
L063 HEL Human lymphoma; 100ug/100ul
L064 Raji Human B cell lymphoma; 100ug/100ul
L065 NIH3T3 Mouse fibroblasts; 100ug/100ul
L066 Rat2 Rat fibroblasts; 100ug/100ul
L067 MES-13 Mouse myoblasts; 100ug/100ul
L068 C2C12 Mouse muscle; 100ug/100ul
L069 L6 Rat skeletal muscle; 100ug/100ul
L070 SKMC Human skeletal muscle; 100ug/100ul
L071 HUVEC Human umbilical vein; 100ug/100ul
L072 Y1 Mouse adrenal gland (cortex); 100ug/100ul
L073 TM3 Mouse testis; 100ug/100ul
L075 MDA-435 Human breast carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L076 SK-BR3 Human breast carcinoma; 100ug/100ul
L077 A549 Human lung carcinoma; 100ug/100ul