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compact • multichannel • wireless • easy-to-use • affordable

JAGA Systems


Wireless electrophysiology, once confined to a select few research laboratories, is becoming a growing need in the neuroscience community. Compact neural wireless recording devices had been challenging due to required bandwidth and power consumption. We are attempting to meet these challenges by harnessing recent progress in integrated circuits (e.g. Intan Technologies, LLC), low-power mobile technology used in other industries. We hope to bring innovative and affordable wireless electrophysiology solutions to the wider neuroscience community.

JAGA systems are a stand-alone, all-in-one-unit wireless electrophysiology recording device.

Our plug and measure product enables a more natural and untethered neural recording environment.

  • The entire device includes amplifier, digitizer, signal processor and transmitter.

  • Fully digitized data for transmission

  • Uses standard network protocol (TCP/IP over Wi-Fi) or commercially available low power RF protocol.

  • Can be plugged into your electrodes via a connector.

  • Uses rechargeable batteries that can be attached to the device or to animal's back.

  • Data streams wirelessly to your computer.

  • Alternative to conventional electrophysiology devices that are wired, bulky and more expensive.




  • A coin-sized electrophysiology recording device
  • Records up to 16 channels (unit, LEP, EEG)
  • Contains amplifier, digitizer, signal processor, and transmitter. All in one unit
  • Includes preconfigured Wifi router for JAGA16

JAGA Penny

  • Lightweight recording device (< 2g excluding battery) ideal for mice or mobile
  • Configured for 4/8 channels of unit recording or 16 channels of LFP/EEG
  • Comes with USB-based receiver



  • GUI software A complete GUI software package for data acquisition and analysis (NeuroPhys and NeuroSorter) developed in partnership with Neurosys, LLC.


  • JAGA basic software Open-source python codes for basic displaying and saving.


JAGA Systems Product List

Specification Sheet for JAGA_Penny

Specification Sheet for JAGA16

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