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SomnoSuite (Small animal 호흡 마취장비) 프린트 
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Low-Flow Small Animal Anesthesia System

The first, accurate gas delivery system using minimal anesthetic and oxygen for mice and rats


Features & Benefits:

Integrated Digital Vaporizer

Auto calculates flow rate based on animal weight


Built-in air compressor

Uses room air or compressed gas


Flow rates from 25mL to 1L

Uses less isoflurane


• Intuitive touch screen control

Easy to use


• Oxygen flush function

Minimizes waste anesthetic gas exposure


Efficient design

Compatible with stereotaxic devices


• Modular capability

Select modules for a variety of functions


• Optional tablet available

View and record data in graph and numeric format

▷ Easy Setup

Compact & Simple design

( Traditional model 보다 작고 가벼워 이동 및 세팅이 쉽다.)


6 lbs, 15” x 15” SomnoSuite setup

96 lbs, 44” x 32” – Standard small animal gas delivery, pulse oximeter and ventilation setup


How much would you save in one year with SomnoSuite®?

(Room air 를 사용하여 O2, N2 gas 등이 필요 없음)




Oxygen use:

0 .02 L/min

1 L/min

Isofl urane use:

0 .15 mL/hr

6 mL/hr

250 mL bottle:

1 .3 mL/day

48 mL/day

50 g canister:

0 .04 canister/day

1 .35 canisters/day

* Reference

Time: 8 hours, Concentration: 2% isoflurane, Subject: 30 g mouse, Delivery: Nose cone


Add-On Module Options:

• All-in-one add-on modules significantly decrease equipment

• Multi-parameter display shows vital signs

• Start with what you need now and expand later!


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