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CRISPR Genomic Cleavage Detection Kit 프린트 
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 CRISPR Genomic Cleavage Detection Kit

Designed as an easy, effective way to verify your genomic editing process.

CRISPR-edited samples are used as a template in PCR reactions targeting your specific region of interest. The products are then denatured and re-annealed to produce mismatches within the double strand. Our detection enzyme is able to recognize such mismatches and cleaves the strands to produce band sizes that are easily distinguishable upon gel analysis.

The ready-to-use CRISPR Genomic Cleavage Detection Kit contains all the necessary reagents to detect genomic cleavage. The protocol has a rapid 4 hour processing time and is completed in a single tube. This quantitative, ready-to-use assay will be a great addition to any genomic-editing toolbox.


  • Ease of use with simple steps
  • Rapid set-up
  • Streamlined protocol suitable for high-throughput applications




CRISPR Genomic Cleavage Detection Kit Work Flow





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