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 CRISPR Services and Toolbox

 With this highly customized service, we can knockout any gene in any cell line.

 All you have to do is send us your desired target cells and the species, gene name, and accession number of the gene to be knocked out. The successfully genome-edited cells will be shipped back to you after strict quality control and veri cation of gene knockout.


  CRISPR Custom Targeted Lentiviral sgRNA Librart


 Knockout up to 100 target genes with a single custom targeted sgRNA lentiviral pool!

 This custom product can be tailored to your specific experiments and is especially useful for the knockout of gene families and pathways. The pooled lentiviral vector constructs or pre-packaged lentivirus will be provided.


CRISPR Genomic Cleavage Dectection Kit

 Designed as an easy, effective way to verify your genomic editing process.

abm’s ready-to use CRISPR Genomic Cleavage Detection Kit conveniently contains all the necessary reagents required, including a set of control template and primers to ensure reliable results. With a rapid 4 hour processing time, this qualitative assay will be a great addition to any genome-editing toolbox.


     "A Guide to CRISPR/Cas9" Brochur  

     "CRISPR/Cas9" Technogy Platform  


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