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 CRISPR / Cas9 System

  Cas9 Nuclease Protein

CRISPR knock-out


CRISPR knock-in

Non-Homologous End Joining (NHEJ)



Homology-Directed Repair (HDR)



  Cas9 Nickase






Cas9 Nickase for Enhanced Specificity and Accuracy.


To utilize Cas9 Nickase for genome editing, two gRNAs instead of one are required. The two gRNAs will be designed on opposite DNA strands but with close proximity to ensure that a DSB is induced once the two strands are nicked by the Cas9 Nickase. This paired Cas9 Nickase modification reduces off-target effects because the two gRNAs need to work together to produce a DSB. Once the DSB is created, either the NHEJ or HDR pathway will be activated to complete the genome editing process.



  Custom Genomic Locus Targeting by dCas9

 Double-Mutant Cas9 (dCas9)

 The Cas9 double-mutant (dCas9) is unable to cleave DNA, but has retained the unparalleled specificity of the wildtypewnzyme. As such, it is ideally suited for targeting attached protein of interest to specific genome loci, bypassing the need to engineer a new construct for each target sequence. abm offers this systemfor a wide range of potential applications.




Transcription Activation by dCas-SAM

 Synergistic activation mediators (SAM) linked to dCas9 are extremely effective at inducing expression of a gene of interest. We offer dCas9 fused to a tripartite SAM (VP64, p65 and RTA), a highly effective and easy-to-use design. Only two components are needed: dCas9-SAM and the sgRNA. Easy!




 Genomic Locus Visualization by  dCas9-GFP

 By the use of a dCasp-GFP fusion, it is now possible to visualize genomic sequences of interst directly within living cells. Tagging of individual chromosomes, monitoring of the packaging atate of euchromatic DNA regions and identification of mutations are just some of the potential applications of this system.



 Genome-wide sgRNA Libraries at your Fingertips!


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