Special Offer Rotor Gene 4-Strip qPCR tubes with attached caps 프린트 
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  Special Offer  ~ 8월 30일까지,  

  B84001 EU 0.1ml Optical 4-tube-strip , natural  250 strips, 1000 tubes   150,000원    

  Excellent results on Rotor-Gene® using the

  NEW 4-strip qPCR tubes with attached caps

  • Designed perform diagonostic qPCR and PCR reactions in volumes down to 15μl
  • Fits for QIAGEN Rotor-Gene qPCR Cyclers
  • Works with all existing (q)PCR applications for Rotor-Gene System
  • More consistent CT values when compared to original QIAGEN tubes.






 Attached Caps 

 Individual closure 

 Minimize cross contamination 

 Special blend of polypropylene 

 Anti-static tubes 

 Maximum sample recovery 

 Non binding for biomolecules 

 Low copy detection 

 Flexible non cracking tubes 

 No loss of sample 

 Uniform wall thickness 

 Uniform heating 

 Consistent reaction conditions 

 No risk of cracking 

 No loss of sample 

 Minimize evaporation 

 Consistent reaction conditions 

 Frosted writing areas on cap 

 Easy sample identification 

 Traceability of samples 

 Optimal tube-fit to rotor 

 Better inline position during cycling 

 Optimal reaction conditions 

 Clever design Cap 

 Easy opening and closing 

 “finger” and RSI friendly 

 Positive position stop/tube 

 Fixed position height in rotor 

 Consistent “reading” conditions 

 Robust inner tube connection 

 Easy handling no “twisting” 

 No breakage 

 Angled position of caps 

 Easy sample orientation 

 Traceability of samples 

 2D barcode on each cap 

 Uniquely coded tubes 

 Full Traceability of samples 








 EU 0.1ml Optical 4-tube-strip , natural  250 strips, 1000 tubes



* Trademarks : (registered) Trademarks and Owner: QIAGEN® and Rotor-Gene® owner QIAGEN Group,


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