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New! Safe-Green 2X PCR Mastermix 프린트 
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   ABM (Applied Biological Materials Inc.)

    Safe-GreenTM 2X PCR Mastermix  


  • 새로운 Safe-Green™ 2X PCR Taq MasterMix로 PCR을 간단히!
  • Toxic EtBr 필요없음! loadying dye 필요 없습니다.
  • EtBr-free gel에 바로 loadying해서 band를 확인하세요!
  • Sample 신청하세요!


Safe-Green™ 2X PCR Taq MasterMix is designed for end-user’s convenient and efficient analysis of PCR product via gel electrophoresis without the need of the toxic ethidium bromide. To analyze PCR products, simply transfer the PCR product directly onto an ethidium-bromide-free gel and perform gel electrophoresis. Nucleic acids can subsequently be visualized with an UV light source.

Safe-Green™ 2X PCR Taq MasterMix is a ready-to-use mixture of high quality Taq DNA Polymerase, deoxynucleotides, and reaction buffer in a 2X concentration. It contains all the necessary reagents for amplification of DNA along with an inert blue dye, a proprietary amount of Safe-Green™ reagent and a stabilizer which allow direct loading of the final products onto an ethidium-bromide-free gel for analysis.

To set up a PCR reaction: add DNA template, primers and water. PCR products that are amplified up to 6 kb in length with Taq DNA Polymerase contain a single base (A) 3’ overhang. Safe-Green™ is proven to be non-carcinogenic by the Ames-test. The results are negative in both the mouse marrow chromophilous erythrocyte micronucleus and mouse spermary spermatocyte chromosomal aberration tests.



  • PCR amplifications with high reproducibility.
  • Ethidium-bromide-free PCR product analysis.


Safe-Green™ Excitation: λmax = 495 nm
Safe-Green™ Emission: λ
max = 520 nm


MasterMix solution

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  Safe-Green™ 2X PCR MasterMix

   5 x 1 ml (500 PCR reactions/20ul)





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